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About Us

        Cémarose children ware, was founded in early 2015, the store is located in the south of France, the blue coast, the core area of Cannes, and Cannes Festival Palace relative.

        The name originates from the French classic fairy tale "the little prince" in the words "cést ma rose" - this is my rose. The little prince to travel to earth, facing the garden of five thousand roses said: "my rose, an ordinary passerby may think she, just like you, but she a single it than you are important, because she is my watering. Because she is I put in take cover in. Because she is my protective screen of, because it the caterpillar is destroyed. Because I listen to her resentment and sorrow, I listen to her silence. Because she is my rose." It comes from the glory and pride of the heart, just as the parents are born with the love of their children.

        Cémarose will be hard to interpret and abundance of this without reason, the one and only love. Here is not only the international luxury brands and independent European designer of children ware, from European security home and children around fun products, will be collecting share global children's fashion outfit, parent travel, parenting, anecdotes, picture book story. In Cémarose, the pursuit of beauty, we share love, is also a way of life in the era of advanced push.

        At present, our brand has Burberry, Caramel, Fendi, Gucci, Moncler, and etc.. The store and the website synchronization sales, for you to send the world!